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It is a fairly simple, yet popular and entertaining game of chance, where the outcome depends on random factors. There are no mathematically calculated methods that guarantee success in Plinko game. However, it is possible to use certain strategies and techniques in online casinos, to increase the chances of winning.

Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Plinko

Where should you start? Firstly, we recommend trying different strategies on how to win at Plinko. There are a few tips, tricks and strategies you can use every time you play a real money casino.


  • It is necessary to start with the choice of a casino. It is better to look for one that gives bonuses on the first deposit, free spins for games and an acceptable minimum deposit.
  • Allocate your bankroll to each of your gaming sessions at Plinko.

Tricks and Strategies

  • If you choose the maximum number of lines (16 pins) and high risk in autoplay (if you consider the math), then at least 1 ball should land in a cell with a good multiplier. But do not forget that it is all a matter of chance.
  • To begin, make the minimum bet in Plinko, choose 8 lines and the minimum risk. Wait for the chip to land at 0.5 (then you are at a loss) or x1 (then you are at zero). After that, increase your bet size by 2, choose 15 lines and minimum risk. Release 5 balls in a row with an interval of 1 second. If at the stage with 15 pins you left in minus, then increase the bet, releasing again 5 chips on the same number of pins.
Plinko tips and tricks

How to Play Plinko Gambling?

Should you start by choosing an online casino? Undoubtedly. Pick a provider with a good reputation, license and reviews of real players, not bots. The next step is to register and verify your account for further withdrawal. Then you need to go to the casino website, learn how to play Plinko by finding it among the arcade games, adjusting the settings, and clicking Play. You can play with pleasure and later cash out real gains at the sites of trusted operators listed below.

CasinoWelcome bonusMinimum deposit
Bitcasino ioUp to 1,500 euro and 150 free spins10 euro
Trustdice.win100% bonus up to 3 BTC and 25 spins0,001 BTC
1Win500% bonus on first deposit10 euro
Casinozer20 euro and wager for free20 euro
CryptoGames570% bonus up to 12 BTC and 300 free spinsNo minimum deposit
1xbet100% welcome bonus and 20 free spins1 euro
MyStake100% bonus up to 1,000 euroNo minimum deposit
BetFury.io3,500 euro and 1,000 free spinsNo minimum deposit
how to win a Plinko game?

How Can You Win Plinko Every Time?

The primary question of all the players remains the same: how to win at real money Plinko? The possibility of winning in Plinko is due to the fact that the game is based on randomness and chance. Each chip roll is independent of the previous ones and does not depend in any way on the provider, skills or abilities of the player. However, due to the fact that Plinko’s RTP percentage is quite high (94% to 99%), speaking mathematically, players can win quite often, even if it happens by chance.

But you have to understand that if you want to make a big score at Plinko, the stakes and game configurations have to be appropriate. This is just a tip, not a guarantee of victory. The element of luck and unpredictability are the main features of this slot, so you can lose your money. Play responsibly, try never to bet more than you can afford to lose.

Rules of the Game

Where should you start? The ultimate goal of Plinko is to win the maximum number of points by dropping chips into cells with different values. However, in general, the rules of Plinko are very simple.

  1. It is necessary to start every time by choosing the size of the bet and the number of lines on which the bet will be made.
  2. The chip is thrown from the top of the playing field and falls into one of the multipliers at the bottom of the field.
  3. The value of the cell x2, x35, x1000 and so on, in which the chip has fallen, is multiplied by the player’s bet.
  4. The central cells have the lowest value, and the side cells have the highest value. 
  5. The player continues to throw chips until the limit of the moves runs out.

Some Plinko providers may add their own rules or variations to the game design. Examples:

  • Plinko by Spribe has not one bottom slot (multiplier line) but three. They set the risk level when the user chooses balls of corresponding colors (red, orange, green).
  • Plinko from Smartsoft has no risk levels, and colored balls determine multiplier values, that is victory.
how to play Plinko?

Tips and strategies: how to play Plinko for winning

How to make a successful bet at Plinko? Never hope to find a magic tactic that will work for all types of gambling. Mathematical analysis has been done that proves there simply is no such thing! But still for Plinko you can try the strategies below.

  1. Only one line game. Choose the degree of risk and the number of pins. Throughout the game do not change them. If the ball fell in the multiplier 0.5, then increase the bet. And if the multiplier is greater than 1, again put the minimum. That is, out of all spins at least one sure must play in the plus and offset all costs!
  2. D’Alembert strategy. Each time, determine the level of the bet increase using an arithmetic progression. If you went into deficit, then increase the rate until you succeed. Then decrease the rate, but also gradually.
  3. Umbrella System. Make a schedule of bets for the game, from which it is strictly forbidden to deviate. Start with the minimum bet and increase up to the maximum, then go back to the minimum again. It looks like this: 1-1-2-2-3-3-4-4-5-5-4-4-3-3-2-2-1-1.

Rule #1: Never chase losses

An important rule to remember when learning how to play Plinko is to never chase losses. This means that if you play long enough, but with no results, you should not continue the game, hoping that next time luck will turn to you. Instead, it is better to stop and reconsider your strategy mathematically.

Plinko slot machine is a gambling game, and the result of each round is determined randomly. Even if you have thought up a certain strategy, there is no guarantee that it will always work. So do not risk large sums of money in the hope of victory.

If you lose, do not get discouraged. Better re-examine your strategy and try again a little later. Don’t forget to use Plinko promo codes for your game.

in anticipation of win

Common Mistakes People Make While Playing Plinko casino

Plinko is a simple game, but in the thirst to win people make the same mistakes every time. Playing with too high a bet is one of the most common. Some players think that the higher the bet, the better the chances of victory, but this is not true. The higher the bet, the greater the loss if you lose.

Another common mistake in Plinko is playing on unverified online casino sites. Lots of people do not check the casino’s license and do not read the reviews of other players, which can lead to loss of money and personal information.

Playing on automatic strategies does not guarantee an increase in profits. Gamers think that just by adjusting certain game parameters, they will be able to hit the jackpot, but this is not the case. Each round is random and does not depend on previous results.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the Plinko rules?

    Plinko is a game with very simple rules. First you need to choose the bet size, risk level and pyramid height. Then click on “Play” and wait for the ball to fall into the hole with a coefficient by which your bet will be multiplied.

  • How to win at Plinko?

    To win, you need to bet real money, but keep in mind that the results of each round are random. Tips and tricks that will help you win real money can be found in the article above.

  • Are the rules of Plinko with cryptocurrency different from playing with euro?

    No, the rules of any provider and casino remain the same regardless of the currency you choose.

  • Where can I play Plinko for cryptocurrency?

    This is possible in casinos such as 1xBet,, and others.

    Still have questions? Ask our expert

    Final conclusion

    The Plinko rules are very simple, so everyone can win if they follow the expert tips and tricks. If you are still wondering how to win at Plinko, again, you need to choose a casino with a high RTP and a bankroll management strategy.

    However, it should not be forgotten that the possibility of winning in Plinko is based on chance and luck. Just customize the game for yourself and choose a strategy. May good luck accompany you!

    Tiago Alves is an online casino gaming expert.

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