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Frequently Asked Questions about Plinko

Among gambling entertainment, Plinko game undoubtedly stands out for its unique century-long history. However, after it became a slot machine launched by BGaming in 2019, its popularity has increased manifold. As a result, more and more players are looking for answers to their questions about how to play and win Plinko. Our experts have made a selection of the most relevant ones.

How do Plinko boards work?

This is an incredibly simple slot online. To understand how Plinko works, it is best to try the demonstration mode without any money spending to get acquainted with the rules, features and specifics. Not all operators provide access to demo mode, so first make sure that the site you choose allows you to test mechanics beforehand. Such platforms as Vulcan Vegas, Slots Temple, Betway, Betsson, 1xBit and others provide the opportunity to try to play for virtual currency. Below is a brief instruction on how to work with them.

  1. Go to the site, register and click on Plinko. 
  2. Make a deposit.
  3. In front of you will open a board: an image of a pyramid of 8 rows of pins. At the bottom you will find the Play button. 
  4. Click on it and wait until the ball rolls from the very top, overcoming obstacles and drawing mazes. Then it will fall into the cell with the number x2. This is the slot, that is the amount by which our winnings are multiplied.

What is the trick of Plinko?

Plinko has become so popular that Spribe, Stake, BGaming, SmartSoft and others have created numerous variations with an identical concept but different design. For example, Spribe offers a maximum multiplier of x555 and the minimum deposit is only 0.1 euro. In Stake, you can launch balls of different colors that fall into the corresponding cells (red ones with higher prizes, green ones with lower prizes). The maximum multiplier is x1000, just like BGaming, which offers detailed statistics on the screen.

This is not a typical slot, where luck depends not on how Plinko works, but on finding the right method of play or other factors. Plinko is something more exciting. The Plinko chip is a ball that reaches the maximum multiplier, and when that happens (the RTP is between 94% and 99%), you are overwhelmed with a sense of joy.

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How do you play Plinko for prizes?

The game is so widely acclaimed that there are many places to play Plinko and teach how Plinko works. However, without a doubt, the proven way to win prizes is to register at an online casino with a reliable license, multiple deposit options and various withdrawal forms. These sites are proven and also have a good reputation:

  • RioBet;
  • Vavada;
  • Betsson;
  • Cloudbet;
  • BitStarz;
  • Rollers;
  • Stake.

If you want to play Plinko from your cell phone and snap a big score with real rather than virtual winnings, the best method is to learn how Plinko works beforehand, then to find mobile apps with web browsing functionality. For example, Plinko Casino (developed by Celine, Marie, Raymonde), which allows quick access to casino websites. Another way is to download the app from the Internet as an APK file. However, you still should be careful when downloading files from the Internet, so be sure that the source is reliable.

What is the goal of Plinko?

The game was designed to entertain and interest gamers of all ages with any skill level. To play, you do not have to strain yourself or expend much mental effort, because the principles of the game are simple and straightforward, and the goal is considered achieved when:

  • the ball hits the slot, multiplying the player’s winnings;
  • the player gets a pleasant experience, resting from complex strategies and vivid graphics, because here it all depends on luck.

If the bet plays (which is more likely), your joy will be x555 or at x1000. If the ball does not make it to the desired multiplier, do not feel bad. Perhaps you need a little rest so you do not have to chase losses.

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Is Plinko actually random?

Absolutely yes, because neither the administration of the sites nor the players can influence the trajectory of the balls in the game. Moreover, there is no 100% win-win method or invented strategy, which is why every game is so exciting and causes such an adrenaline rush.

But that does not mean that there are not useful tips from experienced gamers on how to win. Naturally, with experience and practice, people begin to trace certain winning patterns. Here are some of them.

  • Choose the maximum number of pins (16), set the risk to maximum to get a better chance of making x1000.
  • Start playing in automatic mode with 8 lines at low risk, then gradually switch to higher settings: initially to 10 lines, then 11 lines at medium risk and so on.

Once you understand the principle of the game, you can quickly achieve favorable results. It is worth noting that the above ways may work for some and not for others. Everything in this game is quite individual, therefore the best way to achieve success is by trial and error.

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What happens if you get Plinko?

Do not just wait for chance and luck, but set up your game configurations using the way outlined below.

  • Set the size of the bet. This depends on the casino, but on average you can start from 0.10 to 2,500 euro.
  • After that, choose the number of pyramid pins to play, which also varies depending on the developer. The more lines, the more pins and the harder it is to win.
  • It will be considered a success if the peg falls on a multiplier greater than x1. The money will be multiplied by the number of the corresponding box. This is the victory!

What to do next? You can either withdraw your winnings or continue to try your luck. So, it is only you who decides how to play: with the possibility of winning x1000 or x29, with 1 or 100 euro, with low or high risk. But no matter how you want to play, your direct winnings will depend on the combination of all these factors.

What is the most ever won on Plinko?

Let’s get one thing straight: the biggest gain depends on several things.

  • The size of the bet. For example, if it is 1 euro on a multiplier of 555, the winnings will be 555 euro; if it is 150 euro on a multiplier of 1000, the prize will be 150,000 euro.
  • Choice of game strategy. If you choose high risk and the minimum number of pins (for example in BGaming), the maximum multiplier will be 29. And if you choose high risk and the maximum number of pins, then the money can be multiplied by 1000. In Spribe the risk level is equal to the color of the ball: green will multiply maximum by 11 at 12 pins and red will multiply by 555 at 16 pins.
  • In Stake Casino the maximum reward will be 2,500,000 euro; in BGaming it will be 100,000 euro and in Spribe it will be 55,500 euro.

In the table below you can see the characteristics of three different providers.

Provider Minimum bet in euroMaximum bet in euroMaximum multiplierMinimum number of pegsMaximum number of pegs
StakeNo minimum bet2,500x1000816

Has anyone ever won the full amount on Plinko?

If someone tells you that Plinko is a scam, they are not familiar with streamer Trainwrecks, who raised several million dollars playing on Stake. Another high roller, made a 1,000 dollars deposit in Plinko from BGaming and played the game in high risk mode. He lost the first 16 rounds (or rather they did not give productive spins). But he did not give up. The way he used a little later allowed him to win 2 times 130,000 dollars each, but that is not the end either! His last chip landed at x1000 for a total prize of 1,573,400 dollars.

There is another way to check if you can win. In particular, you can visit the website of the operator LTC. There he organizes online tournaments on Plinko, where you can see a table with the name of the player, the maximum multiplier and the amounts won. Whoever is the first to make the most winning spin gets different prizes and bonuses.

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What are the odds of winning in Plinko?

And here we have good news for you: the return to player or so-called RTP in this game is high, up to 99%, and the volatility is low. What does that mean? Your chances of winning Plinko are higher than when playing other arcade games, but your winnings are correspondingly lower. In other words, you can win smaller amounts of money here, but more often.

The amount of money you win depends on:

  • the number of euro on the round;
  • choice of the number of pegs;
  • predetermined volatility;
  • your luck!

So the main thing is to set monetary and time limits and not to exceed them while playing, as it can lead to addiction and bad consequences. The ideal method is as follows: play to relax and have a good time, but do not make slot machines your main pastime and source of income.

Is it possible to win in Plinko?

Does Plinko pay real money?

Yes, you can play at ease! You probably already understand the main principle: you need a lot of luck and a little effort. There are a great number of videos on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, where these winnings are recorded in real time, and later withdrawn. Payouts can be received in dollars, euros, your country’s currency or cryptocurrency. In addition, each provider uses a variety of withdrawal methods. Among the options presented are Visa cards, bank transfer, Skrill, PayPal, e-wallets, American Express and a lot of other options.

Before you play Plinko at any of the sites, check the minimum withdrawal rules, so you won’t get a surprise later. The list below shows the minimum withdrawal amounts from different casinos.

  • LeoVegas: 20 euro;
  • Lucky Elektra: 10 euro;
  • BetWay: 0.01 euro;
  • Gran Madrid: 10 euro;
  • NetBet: 10 euro;

The identity of Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, was recently used in an advertisement for Plin ko Whai, an app created to supposedly win big. An investigation by our editorial team revealed that this app was most likely created by scammers, so we highly recommend not playing Plin ko Whai. Instead, we suggest you pay attention to applications from trusted developers, whose versions of Plinko game are presented on licensed platforms:

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